New Years Resolutions For 2019

New Years Resolutions For 2019

New year, new me? Every year millions of people begin each new year by setting themselves new years resolutions, a tradition that stemmed from the ancient Babylonians. Over the years I have set and broken many new years resolutions, but I have also learnt to give myself more realistic new years resolutions. As we are heading into 2019 I thought I would share with you all some of the new years resolutions I am carrying forward and any new ones I have decided to set.


Date Night

One resolution that both Jack and I made a few years ago and both intend on carrying forward to 2019 is in regard to date night. Both me and Jack are food lovers and enjoy trying out new restaurants and cooking yummy foods. One thing that does grate on us both is chain restaurants. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good Pizza Express but some chain’s can also be pretty ropy and can cause us to leave feeling unsatisfied with our meal. Back in 2016 we decided to set a date night rule to avoid chain restaurants. Honestly one of the best new years resolutions we made. Over the past few years we have found some delicious places to eat and surprised ourselves at just how reasonably priced independent restaurants can be.

Self Care

A resolution I made at the beginning of 2018 after having a few too many bad days the previous year. The realization that maybe I was being a little too hard on myself hit in and I decided that going forward I was going to look after myself better. Over the past year I have learnt to take better note of when my body or mind needs to rest. One element that has tremendously helped me when I am feeling in need is to take a bath. Jack bought me a few Lush bath products as a stocking filler last Christmas and they have been put to good use. He also bought some me some bath bombs this year too!

Upping My Beauty Game

I will admit I am very hit or miss when it comes to my beauty game and this is something that in 2019 I hope to build into my daily routine. Towards the end of 2018 I began to realize that looking after my skin is just as important as my mental or physical health. I decided to spend sometime researching different beauty products that could help me look after my skin better. Over the years I have tried many skins products that have been unsuccessful but at the same time it has also taught me what does not work well on skin. Funnily enough I have a combination skin when it comes to facial products but dry skin across my legs and arms. I have begun to implement moisturizing every night before bed and also adding in specific nighttime and daytime facial moisturizers. My aim over the next year is to continue to up my beauty game.

I would love to hear your New Years Resolutions; feel free to comment below.


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